Oh em gee. Is it winter already?

Uhmm, autumn, why did you have to leave so soon?!

So, perhaps we didn’t get to completing all of the things we listed on our fall #30photosaseason list. We guess this just means that we’ll have to add more things to our bucket list for next year! Here are a few of our favorite photos that we took this past season: @jmeelin + @gokatego

Some of our Instagram friends joined in on the fun as well! Here is a look into what they captured this fall. Please be sure to say hello and visit each of their beautiful feeds on Instagram too!IGers Fall #30photosaseasonNext year the pumpkin patch IS happening! Like, for real. Until then, we’re on to a new season…and TA-DA! Here is our Winter 2014 #30photosaseason list! Feel free to join in and tag your photos so we can keep up with your amazing seasonal adventures. Remember that there is no order or set of rules to this fun little project, except to just enjoy each season to the fullest and document it through Instagram by using our hashtag (#30photosaseason)!

#30photosaseason: Winter Edition

What do you plan on doing first?



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