About Us

It’s been over 15 years since our friendship formed in the middle school lunchroom. (So hard to believe its been that long) It seems like just yesterday we were in the 7th grade, giggling in the back of geography class while admiring a cute boy two rows up and constantly getting into trouble.

Both of our families were transplanted to Japan in 2000 for the military. We both were fortunate enough to stay there until 2006 when we graduated high school. Those years were spent exploring surrounding cities, traveling to other countries together for our high school volleyball team, and taking millions and millions of sticker pictures.

OSS Sticker Pictures(sticker pictures from circa 2005 in all our glory)

Following high school, Jamie went on to get her degree in Kalamazoo, Michigan while Kate attended Ohio University in Athens, Ohio. We were lucky enough to only be a few short hours away from each other and spent many spring breaks at each other’s college apartments.

Since college, Jamie has moved to Fairfax, Virgina and then onto Brooklyn, New York with her now husband, Scott. Kate spent a year in Rhode Island, then Wyoming for graduate school Columbus, Ohio, then Rome, Italy for more school, and finally Denver, Colorado with her husband, Anthony. Basically together we’ve crossed the globe many times over, exploring the beauty, culture, and cuisine.

Being a part of the military growing up, distance has a very different meaning to us than many of our non-military friends. This has allowed us to remain the best of friends for so long, even with having the sometimes thousands of miles between us.

We started this blog in 2014 to help reconnect with each other. In high school we would spend hours upon hours locked-up together in our bedrooms playing guitar, making collages, writing in our “slam book”, drawing, painting, and singing along to Justin Timberlake. Consider this blog a modern day, 20-something “slam book”, a way to continue to feed off each other’s creativity, and to share our projects with you!


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