Embroidered baby bib 

So my dear friend from college announced he and his wife were expecting! I was so, so excited and immediately could picture what I could make him for a baby gift.

I’ve used this bib pattern many times in the past for shower gifts. Friends and family have told me that it is the most absorbent bib they own (good for teething babies).

After using the Sew She Sews pattern, to make the bib, I sketched out what I had envisioned using a quilting pencil. Then I hand stitched using three strands of embroidery floss in teal and orange. My friend was a huge political activist, and still is, and I would bet his future mini me will be too. The bib is reversible so double the usage!
What do you think?



It’s been quite some time since Kate or I have posted anything…and we apologize greatly for our lack of love on here! This past winter has been filled with a roller-coaster of events for the both of us, and although we’d like to go in to more detail with you about our recent bloggin’ hiatus, I will have to save this update for another day.

Instead, I’d like to share with you today a few easy ways to create some last-minute Valentine’s Day cards (because we all know how expensive it can be to buy cards for your sweet valentine during this time of year)! Plus, homemade cards make some of the most treasured gifts. I’ve saved a handful of cards over the years that were made with love from friends and family and always enjoy looking back at them.

Here’s what you’ll need:


FYI: The card stock and hearts can be found at any local craft store (Michael’s, AC Moore, and Target). A few other items that aren’t pictured above that will come in handy for you are a pencil, glue gun, and toothpicks (to help keep the glue looking neat).



1. Create a random pattern on a piece of card stock paper with your washi tape. The more wacky your pattern, the better!

2. Then take each heart shape and trace around each one gently with a pencil. Feel free to also free-hand your hearts! Once traced, use your scissor to cut them out.

3. Next, grab some twine and more washi tape to secure the string on to the backs of each heart cut-out.

4. Gather a few of the hearts with twine and tie a secure knot to resemble a small bundle of heart balloons. Grab some more card stock and fold it into a card. Use your already-hot-glue-gun to secure the knot at the base of your heart balloons to the card. Use more glue to secure each heart balloon to your card.


And voila! Your done. If you have any left over heart cut-outs and some more card stock paper, simply use them to make more Valentine’s day cards. As you can see from the picture below, I used the extra hearts to create very simple designs.


Oh, and can I just say that washi tape always wins? Because it truly does.

Happy Valentine’s Day!



What She Made: DIY Green All-Purpose Cleaner

I’ve got a super easy green, all-purpose cleaner for you to try at home. 

Recently, I’ve been much more aware on what I have been eating and cleaning in order to make both more sustainable and healthy choices. After hearing about how little chemicals are regulated on NPR, I was even more convinced in my switch from harsh chemical cleaners to a more green, all-purpose cleaner.

It takes almost no hands-on time, which makes it an easy switch.

Here’s what you need: 

1 large Mason Jar
2 lemons, halved  – Just save your squeezed lemons, maybe from this recipe!
Enough distilled white vinegar to fill up the Mason Jar
1 spray bottle

Put your left over lemons and vinegar into the Mason Jar and seal. Leave it under your sink or in a cool, dark location for about a month. The vinegar will turn yellow. Once it’s ready, pour it into your spray bottle to about the halfway point and fill the rest up with water. That’s it! Your green all-purpose cleaner is ready to be used.

Easy Green All-Purpose Cleaner | Our Sweet Somewhere

DIY Green All-Purpose Cleaner | Our Sweet Somewhere

When you see your mason jar running a little low, just refill it with some more vinegar. Sometimes I replace my lemons (when I remember to), but I don’t all that often.

Let me know what you think! Also, I would love to hear more green cleaning or eating tips you have.




DIY Easy Homemade Cards

We love homemade cards! And although Mother’s Day has already come and gone this year, we wanted to share with you a couple easy ideas to help spark some inspiration for your next DIY homemade card that can be used for any celebration! These cards are so easy and require many items that you might already have on hand. So go ahead and get your craft bins out and start creating!

What Jamie Made:  I did not have to spend an extra penny while making this card since I used items that were already in my craft bin: multi-purpose paper, scrapbook paper, hemp string, colored pencils, washi tape, glue stick/gun, and a thin Sharpie.

DIY Easy Homemade Cards | Our Sweet Somewhere

The paper flowers that you see on the front of the card are from a piece of medium-sized scrapbook paper that had a floral pattern. I cut the flowers out individually from the pattern and then glued them on to the front of the card after drawing/coloring in the stems. To finish it off, I created a little bow from a small piece of hemp and used my glue-gun to adhere it to the base of the stems.

DIY Easy Homemade Cards | Our Sweet Somewhere DIY Easy Homemade Cards | Our Sweet Somewhere DIY Easy Homemade Cards | Our Sweet Somewhere

The personal stamp that you see above is one that I purchased over three years ago from the Rubber Stamp Press Etsy store, and believe it or not, it still works! I highly recommend checking out this shop’s products if you’re looking to personalize your own stamps.

What Kate Made: I made a super easy DIY Mother’s Day card this year for my mama! This same idea would work though for any holiday, birthday, or event. I used foam paper to make the flag banner with Washi tape wrapped around to write the letters. The string is embroidery floss. This card is so quick I was finished it in just a half an hour! 

DIY Card DIY Easy Homeade Cards DIY easy homemad Card

Let us know if you try one of these DIY easy homemade cards for your next event. 



What She Made: Washi Tape + Naturally-Dyed Easter Eggs

How to naturally dye eggs for Easter l Our Sweet Somewhere

I think it’s safe for us to say that Spring is finally here, and we are more than eggcited to be able to share with you one of our first Spring projects: Easter eggs! 

What Jamie Made:

It’s a fact: I am a washi tape hoarder (blink twice if you have the same issue)! For that reason, I decided to continue making the most out of my washi tape collection by simply applying it to my Easter eggs! This DIY is so easy, you could practically do it in your sleep (well, minus the part that requires you to actually use a stove for preparing your eggs).

You’ll Need:

6 to 12 eggs 
assorted washi tape (pastels + bright colors for spring)


Washi Tape Easter Eggs | Our Sweet Somewhere

Boil your eggs the perfect way and once they’ve cooled from the ice water, dry the outer shells. From here on, allow your creativity to flow and design your Easter eggs however you please with the washi tape.  As you can see below, I kept mine very simple but also used some scrap alphabet stickers I had lying around to add some quirk to the little batch I had prepared.

Washi Tape Easter Eggs | Our Sweet Somewhere

Washi Tape Easter Eggs | Our Sweet Somewhere

Washi Tape Easter Eggs | Our Sweet Somewhere


What Kate Made: 

How to naturally dye eggs for Easter l Our Sweet Somewhere-13.jpg

I must give credit for my Easter eggs to a teacher at my work. She told me how she used naturally dye eggs with her daughters by using onion skins. When she shared how easy it was, I knew I had to try to share the process with you!

How to naturally dye eggs for Easter using onion skins l Our Sweet Somewhere

She had only ever used purple skins and white eggs, so I decided to experiment a little with other combinations. The results were mixed. The yellow skins make beautiful dyed eggs, but only on the white eggs (obvious yes, but I had to try to be sure!) The purple worked well on both the white and brown eggs. 

You’ll Need:

1 dozen eggs (brown, white, or both!)

yellow and purple onion skins

cheese cloth cut into about 5 inch squares


A hint on getting enough skins without buying pounds and pounds of onions – just asks the produce guy or gal for them! I usually have plenty of yellow onions on hand, but I rarely use purple. So I asked the produce clerk at my local grocery store if I could just have a bag of purple onion skins and he was more than happy to have me pick out as much as I wanted. He said he usually goes through them and throws out the loose skins from the bin, but if I have a purpose for them to take them for free! 

How to naturally dye eggs for Easter l Our Sweet Somewhere-3

Look at all that natural dye, and all for free!

How to naturally dye eggs for Easter l Our Sweet Somewhere-4
How to naturally dye eggs for Easter l Our Sweet Somewhere-5

Wrap some onion skins around your egg and then the cheesecloth around the two. Secure with a string. Divide your yellow and purple onion skin eggs and submerge in two separate pots of cold water. The water should be about one inch above the eggs. Cover and bring to a boil, remove from heat and let sit for fifteen minutes (keeping covered!). Transfer onion skin eggs into an ice bath and finish cooling. Once cooled, you can carefully unwrap your eggs and see your masterpiece! 

How to naturally dye eggs l our sweet somewhere

How to naturally dye eggs for Easter using onion skins l Our Sweet Somewher

How to naturally dye eggs for Easter l Our Sweet Somewhere-

The brown eggs that I attempted to dye with yellow onion skins were not a total fail. They came out as a much deeper brown with more speckles and were very pretty. However, to give them a little something extra so they stood out even more I painted them with some gold leaf paint! I am in love with my Easter egg creation and can’t wait to have them sitting out on the table for Easter dinner!

Naturally dye eggs for Easter l Our Sweet Somewhere

How to naturally dye eggs for Easter l by Our Sweet Somewhere

Naturally dye eggs for Easter l by Our Sweet Somewhere


Jamie and Kate