DIY Easy Homemade Cards

We love homemade cards! And although Mother’s Day has already come and gone this year, we wanted to share with you a couple easy ideas to help spark some inspiration for your next DIY homemade card that can be used for any celebration! These cards are so easy and require many items that you might already have on hand. So go ahead and get your craft bins out and start creating!

What Jamie Made:  I did not have to spend an extra penny while making this card since I used items that were already in my craft bin: multi-purpose paper, scrapbook paper, hemp string, colored pencils, washi tape, glue stick/gun, and a thin Sharpie.

DIY Easy Homemade Cards | Our Sweet Somewhere

The paper flowers that you see on the front of the card are from a piece of medium-sized scrapbook paper that had a floral pattern. I cut the flowers out individually from the pattern and then glued them on to the front of the card after drawing/coloring in the stems. To finish it off, I created a little bow from a small piece of hemp and used my glue-gun to adhere it to the base of the stems.

DIY Easy Homemade Cards | Our Sweet Somewhere DIY Easy Homemade Cards | Our Sweet Somewhere DIY Easy Homemade Cards | Our Sweet Somewhere

The personal stamp that you see above is one that I purchased over three years ago from the Rubber Stamp Press Etsy store, and believe it or not, it still works! I highly recommend checking out this shop’s products if you’re looking to personalize your own stamps.

What Kate Made: I made a super easy DIY Mother’s Day card this year for my mama! This same idea would work though for any holiday, birthday, or event. I used foam paper to make the flag banner with Washi tape wrapped around to write the letters. The string is embroidery floss. This card is so quick I was finished it in just a half an hour! 

DIY Card DIY Easy Homeade Cards DIY easy homemad Card

Let us know if you try one of these DIY easy homemade cards for your next event. 



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