April 2014 Birchbox Review

Kate’s Birchbox:

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1. BEAUTY PROTECTOR, Protect & Detangle – This sample smells like a dream! It does leave your hair feeling soft and silky. I have naturally wavy hair that is very thick so a detangler is a must. While not the best product I have ever used to detangle, it is one of the best smelling! Just be warned, it is thick so it takes a few minutes of pumping before any product comes out of the spray bottle.

1. BEAUTY PROTECTOR, Protect & Detangle – This sample smells like a dream! It does leave your hair feeling soft and silky. I have naturally wavy hair that is very thick so a detangler is a must. While not the best product I have ever used to detangle, it is one of the best smelling! Just be warned, it is thick so it takes a few minutes of pumping before any product comes out of the spray bottle.

2. COLOR CLUB, Gala’s Gems Collection – Aquamarine Azulino – Perfect for Easter! (And all of spring for that matter.) I am in love with this robin’s egg blue color with a pearly finish. What do you think?

April birchbox nail polish
I have no nailistry (is that a word?) capabilities. As well, I am aware that the thumbnail has already chipped. I didn’t notice it until the picture was already uploaded onto my computer and by that time there was no turning back. My life.

3. SUMITA, Color Contrast Eyeliner in Jamun (Deep Purple) – For sure my favorite thing in the box this month! Two days before Birchbox showed up on my doorstep I was thinking how I was getting tired of using my smudge pot everyday and wanted to give pencil eyeliner a try again. Voilà! This is a wax pencil so it gives that thick and creamy line that a smudge pot gives, just with less effort. Win, win!

4. SUPERGOOP!, Daily Correct SPF 35 CC Cream in Light/Medium – In comparison to last month’s Miracle Skin Transformer, this is a gem! No weird sparkle, added SPF for the spring sun, creates a smooth primer on my skin. Win. Super win. 

5. KIND SNACKS, Maple Pumpkin Seeds with Sea Salt Healthy Grains Bar – (not pictured) Don’t judge, I got hungry after all the excitement from the Birchbox Skype Date and ate my KIND Healthy Grain Bar. I am not sorry though because it was delicious and totally worth every crunchy crumb. 

As for the rainy days idea #8. Meh. That was a cute idea, Birchbox, but I wasn’t overly inspired as you hoped I would be. The rainy day idea said to basically washi tape my Birchbox and make something new. Me and the rest of the pinterest world (see here).  


Jamie’s Birchbox:

April 2014 Birchbox Review

1. KIND HEALTHY GRAINS: Maple Pumpkin Seeds with Sea Salt – I love everything I’ve eaten so far by the KIND brand, so when I saw it in this month’s box, I was excited to try a new flavor of theirs that I’ve never had. This grain bar was every bit of amazing and had the perfect amount of saltiness-to-sweetness ratio in every bite!

2. SUMITA, Color Contrast Eyeliner (Black) – I have yet to try this product but am curious to see how well it holds throughout the day. I am pretty picky about the eyeliner I use since my pores tend to cause the eyeliner to bleed below my eyes…I really dislike looking like a raccoon!

3. HARVEY PRINCE, Yogini Perfume – I really did not like this perfume. Its smell is overpowering and kind of lingers like an annoying fly. As it wears off though, it starts to smell a little better…but who would buy a perfume just to do that?

4. BEAUTY PROTECTOR, Protect & Detangle – This is definitely my most favorite product from this month’s box. It smells like heaven and leaves your hair feeling soft and looking silky. I have used this spray religiously since I first received it and think I’ll just have to make a full size purchase now before the week is over! 

5. COLOR CLUB, Gala’s Gems Collection “Breakfast At…” – I absolutely love this bright, spring nail polish! It’s thick, made of really great quality, and dries quickly (with a lovely shimmer)! 

6. Bright Ideas for a Rainy Day #26 – I am on the same page with Kate about this one. It was nice to find another item in my box, but searching to buy an umbrella online is the last thing I would consider myself doing as being creative while on a rainy day. 

Birchbox skype l Our Sweet Somewhere




March 2014 Birchbox Review: Our First One Ever

Kate and I were ecstatic when we both realized that we had received the first round of our monthly Birchbox subscription and, better yet, on the same day! If you’re not familiar with the subscription, it’s basically like getting your favorite monthly magazine but with a wonderful assortment of beauty and lifestyle products that reflect your online customized profile! We love it so far, and for that reason we’ll be giving our monthly input on each of the boxes that we receive after we open them together over Skype and a glass of wine. Here’s to box number one!

Kate’s Birchbox:


1. MIRACLE SKIN TRANSFORMER, Face Spotlight — When I read other blogs beauty reviews or watch YouTube tutorials about skin regimens it seems the reviewers are always starting with some kind of illuminating toner. I had never tried this before my Birchbox, and always associated using this with beauty experts (read – not me). I gave the Face Spotlight a try this morning. While smooth as silk going on my face, I’m not sure how much it illuminated. However, it did add quite a bit of sparkle! I think I will be saving this to use under my foundation for special occasions and not for work.

2. WHISH, Three Whishes Body Butter — Super win. Working with children, I wash my hands at minimum, 30 times a day. This little bottle now lives on my desk and is already helping with my dry skin I get after so many washes. It smells like raspberries (though the bottle claims pomegranate) and makes the calluses on my fingers from playing guitar seem a little less rough. For sure a product I would buy.

3. AHMAD TEA LONDON, Assorted Teas — I am a serious tea drinker. After my first [three] cups of coffee in the morning I try to switch to tea only for the rest of the day. This means, especially in the winter, I am drinking hot tea by the gallon. I’ve become quite the tea snob, I admit. I prefer loose leaf or straight green. Therefore, this may be my least favorite thing in this month’s box. Don’t get me wrong I will still drink them! But more than likely I will be switching back to my tried and true blends after. 

4. DR. BRANDT, Pores No More — I think I was most excited about this pore refiner because, and this is going to be gross, but I have some massive sized pores between my eyebrows! I know, I know, TMI. But I hope I can say I’m not alone in this boat, right?! The crème comes out of the tube in almost a fleshy beige color, which made me worried it was going to be too dark for my pasty skin. But this baby went on like butter (literally! SO soft!) and blended right in with my skin. Maybe I’m experiencing a placebo effect here, but I don’t care. I think this product really works! Pores No More acts almost like a toner and really makes my skin look smoother after I use it. Definitely a win! 

5. JOAN VASS, L’eau de Cristal — Jamie told me during our Skype date that she got this sample last month (perfume twins!). This scent is smoky, smooth, and flowery all at the same time. Usually I am a straight flowery perfume type of gal so this is a change. A good change. It smells like what a big-shot CEO of some New York based company would wear. Powerful and feminine. I recommend wearing this if you want to kick some butt while wearing six inch heels. 

Jamie’s Birchbox:

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1. MICHAEL TODD, True Organics Citrus Cream Moisturizer — Initially, I was really excited about using this product because 1) I love citrus smells 2) it’s all natural and 3) the sample size of this tube is such a generous portion! However, after I had opened it up, I was not very impressed by it. If I had to describe its smell, it’s similar to that of an “old lady who wears a weak citrus perfume.” I probably will only use this before bed, and would have to say that this product was my least favorite from this month’s box.

2. LA FRESH, Waterproof Makeup Remover and Eco-Beauty Oil Free Face Cleanser — I have not yet tried these two samples yet, but am excited for what they have to offer! I also like that they are the perfect travel size companion for an everyday “just in case” moment! 

3. AIR REPAIR, Rescuse Balm All-Purpose Skin Salve and Lip Balm — This is my favorite product from this month’s box. Since we are still stuck in between seasons, my skin is drier than ever and I could not have received this balm at a better time! So far, I’ve used it mainly on my lips and hands and my-oh-my does it keep them soft and hydrated!

4. GHIARDELLI’S, Cherry Tango Square — This was my “extra” sample included in this month’s box and if you know me, I LOVE chocolate, so I was very satisfied with this little piece of dark, cherry sweetness.

5 – STILA, Lip Glaze in Red Velvet — Although I am not much of a lipstick girl, I do love the shine and minimal tint of color that this gloss provides. I was a little nervous with how dark the Red Velvet looked, but then realized that it does not go on as thick as I intended it to be. Also, it smells AMAZING. I probably will not wear this color during the day, but you can expect me to definitely wear it on my next night out!

6 – GENA, Pedi Cure Foot Treatment Creme — I cannot tell you how excited I am to start wearing sandals again (as soon as the weather decides to finally stay warm, that is). Wearing cute sandals, however, also makes it hard to constantly keep my feet and heels soft. This creme will hopefully do them wonders when that time comes, so although I cannot give a review yet on this product, I can tell you that I am excited to use it in the summer!

Our Skype Date

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Kate: This new tradition we’ve started just may become one of my most looked-forward-to things of the month! Not only do we get new beauty products in the mail, but I get to spend some quality time over Skype with my BFF. I did not have the best day at work. Actually that is an understatement. I had one of those pains, like right-between-the-shoulder-blades kind of day at work. Coming home to my Birchbox waiting, Jamie ringing in on Skype, and my one-in-a-million husband handing me a glass of Pino…I could feel the tension just melting away! I seriously cannot wait to do this again in April!

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First birtchbox date night l Our Sweet Somewhere-5

We say, this first review was a success!
xoxo, Jamie and Kate

P.S. Can we talk a second about the difference between our Birchbox photos? I feel like this really reflects the perfection of our friendship. Jamie- the organized, clean lines, everything in order kinda gal. Kate- the lets throw it out there and see how it lands kinda gal. We complement each other like peanut butter and jelly!