What She Wore: Hand Knit Sweater!

What She Wore - A hand knit sweater! Processed with VSCOcam with t2 preset Processed with VSCOcam with t2 presetLove my sweater? Me too! My lovely and talented mother knit this for me, making it all the more special. If you are a knitter as well and are up for the challenge, I’ve included the link below to the pattern. What I love about this sweater is its versatility. How I wore it in the pictures in this post the front is crossed, but you can uncross it too and wear it as a cardigan. I’ve also wrapped a belt under the infinity-like front and wore it under the illusion of a separate sweater and scarf. This sweater is super warm and is definitely a staple piece in my closet!

Sweater – Setsuko Sweater pattern by Nine Rubies
Polka Dot Jeans – Velvet Heart
Boots – Marc Fisher
Sunglasses  – Forever 21(from years ago)

Processed with VSCOcam with t2 preset


What She Wore: Columbus Visit [Part 1]

We held a mini photo shoot during Jamie’s visit to Columbus over Memorial Day Weekend! There may or may not have been more giggling than modeling happening while the actual photos were being taken, but that’s okay because it was a total blast! 

Down By The River

Down By The River

Down By The River

Jamie’s Wearing: Sandals: Gabe’s | Dress: Target | Sweater: Forever 21

Kate’s Wearing: Sandals: Target | Dress: thrifted (originally from New York and Co.)

Down By The River

Say hello to the little visitors that decided stop by during our What She Wore shoot :) 


What She Wore: Channeling Styles

What Kate Wore: 

I was channeling my inner Mad Men style today.

Mad men 60s style l oss

kate’s wearing: skirt:hypnotik / feather top:Walter Baker / sweater:handmade by my mama / sunglasses:Forever21 (from a few years ago)

What Jamie Wore:

I think I was channeling more of a “librarian goes on a safari ride” style. Oh yes, that’s totally it. 

What She Wore | Our Sweet Somewhere

What She Wore | Our Sweet Somewhere

jamie’s wearing: dress: target / sweater: target / sunglasses: five below




What She Wore

Jamie and I have decided it is tough to stay warm and look cute. Sometimes I try on three different variations of an outfit because the first two end up looking frumpy. They key to layering in the winter is to pair more fitted items with the warmer (less flattering) items.

What Kate Wore: 

So it is cold in the Midwest. I mean, frigid. Lucky for me I have some adorable sweaters and warm knit tights to keep me warm!


I am obsessed with these skinny tuxedo pants. I got them years ago from Anthropologie. They are so versatile and can go with sweaters, a blazer, or dress up a tee. Because they are skinny, I can wear a heavier sweater without feeling bulky from top to bottom.


Do you love my sweater? Thanks, my Mama made it for me! She is an expert knitter. I have tried to convince her to open an Etsy shop but she says she knits only for fun since she is retired. Luckily I am benefiting from her hobby! I just go onto sites like Ravelry and find a pattern I love, pick a color and she sends it to me when it’s finished! How awesome is that? My goal is to someday be able to knit half as well as her. Wish me luck because that is going to require years and years of practice.


I get more compliments on these shoes than about anything else I wear. It makes me so happy because I picked these up at a thrift store for only a dollar! They are so snazzy and make me want to tap dance every time I wear them.
The “dress socks” are actually a pair of knitted tights! I opted for these to help keep me warm. I love the way they just peak out from under my pants but secretly they cover me up completely to help keep my toasty! 


What Jamie Wore:

Like Kate mentioned earlier, it can be really challening during the winter months to dress up warm without looking too frumpy…especially with how cold it’s been lately! Because of that, I’ve found that my most comfiest days involve wearing thicker leggings and my favorite pair of riding boots! To dress these two up a bit, I threw on a simple blue dress that I purchased from the sales rack at Forever 21 this past summer, and a striped sweater I picked up from Marshall’s (that has the cutest brown elbow patches — unfortunately, not pictured). 

Blue Dress, Tights, and Stripes

Earrings F21

Blue Dress, Tights, and Stripes 2

These boots are my favorite pair, EVER. They are so comfy and wide enough to fit around my calves (even with a pair of jeans)! I’ll admit that they are a few years old, but thankfully they’ve kept up well in their condition! I found these bad boys while on a mini-vacation to Ann Arbor in a store that I would not normally shop at because of how it’s mainly known for selling prom-like dresses, ha! Thank you Windsor!

As much as warm scarves and cute boots can be fun, I think it is time to chill out dear Mother Nature and give us some tempratures that are not in the negatives! Thanks!

xoxo J&K