What She Wore

What Kate Wore:

Snow day yesterday! Woop! That means I stayed in my pink fuzzy robe all day and there is reason this post is a day late. Even today though, I decided to go for casual. 


Did somebody say cargo pants?! I got these at my trusty Goodwill store here in C-bus and I am obsessed. These are not your 8th grade Jnco hammer strap pants. Skinny with elastic running up the side to give it that casual, hip look. I paired it with a striped long sleeve  I got while abroad. Finally I threw on a dated, (but classic!) H&M scarf and some “work boots” aka Forever 21 Doc knockoffs :)
To be honest, I went so much for the casual look I may or may not have even brushed my hair today. Take that snow storm! 


P.S. sorry I was so late with this post, Jamie. The rebel-ness of my outfit took over and I had no choice! 

What Jamie Wore:

Currently I am vacationing in Boston with my boyfriend and his family and have been loving every second away from work! Each moment I get to sleep in without an alarm clock is cherished and to the absolute fullest! If you know me, you know that I am not a morning person.

Winter Weather Beanie

My outfit today consisted of wearing very plain and simple items. Considering the fact that another winter storm kept us indoors again, I really only focused on wearing clothes that would keep me warm and comfortable. For me, you can never go wrong with one of your favorite beanies (for that crazy bed head) and long cardigans. 

Cozy and Comfortable | Our Sweet Somewhere Blog

Pretty much every piece of clothing pictured here (including my shoes) is from Target, except for the beanie which is from Forever 21. The bracelet you can see pictured below was a gift from my boyfriend’s sister. It’s an Alex and Ani bracelet, and may I just say, I AM IN LOVE with this jewelry line. Not only do they make their merchandise from recycled metals, but the meanings they put behind each symbol are all so special.  

Alexi and Ani Bracelet | Our Sweet Somewhere Blog


Jamie & Kate

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