Finding Pinspiration

Kate’s Inspirations:

This deep winter has made my heart heavy. I am yearning to travel, to get out of my house, breath in fresh air, see something new. I am experiencing some serious wanderlust this cold night. 


While I am taking a small trip this weekend to see family in Pennsylvania and it will help take the edge of this longing, it will not cure it.

I spent some time looking at pictures of places that I used to live. That helped fill my hungry heart some, to know there is still time to see the world and to explore it. 

Leaving my heart all over the world

Ohio University in the Fall | Unknown 
The Great Buddah | Flickr
Rhode Island Love | Etsy 
Wyoming | Jmeelin

Don’t those pictures fill your heart? They do for me. Share where your heart travels to when you are stuck indoors. 


I Have Left My Heart In So Many Places | Happiness Is 


Jamie’s Inspirations:

A couple of years ago I was gifted a used but beautiful Canon AE-1 from my boyfriend’s father. It works almost perfectly except for the fact that the battery needs replacing for the metering feature to work properly again. I have not taken the time yet to get this fixed, but once I do, I am definitely going to put this bad boy in to good use. Here are a few beautiful finds of film shots taken by the talented Luisa Brimble of Serendipity Corner. I just love how film makes photos seem so soft and dream-like! These colors just melt my heart.


1, 2 and 3 | Luisa Brimble 

I’d also really love to learn more about film and double exposure. From what I understand, it’s a very difficult process as far as choosing which two images to shoot that will eventually become blended. The images pictured below make me  wonder how the photographers’ thought processes were in creating these two beautiful pieces of work! 

Finding Pinspiration Double Exposure

Untitled | Vic Xia
Sunshine On My Mind | Amamak Photography

Next weekend has a got a lot of fun adventures in store for the both of us (if weather permits of course, and we sure hope it does)! 

xoxo J&K

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