What Jamie Made: Recycled Magazine Envelopes

Last week, Scott and I received a surprise gift in the mail of reusable K-Cups from my ever so dearest blog buddy Kate and her sweet husband Anthony! It was a major highlight for the crazy week I had been dealing with. To send some loving back, I decided to make some fun recycled magazine envelopes that I’ll be using with my reply!

This fun project is so easy, and requires very little time and supplies. Start off by going through some of your old magazines and tear off the pages that catch your eye. I personally like to look for more pictures and fewer words on my pages, but anything goes!

Recycled Magazine Envelopes | Our Sweet Somewhere

Supplies Needed

+ Collected magazine pages
+ Envelope
+ Light-colored marker or pen
+ Scissors
+ Glue stick
+ Assorted washi tapes

Recycled Magazine Envelopes | Our Sweet Somewhere

12 Steps Only | Recycled Magazine Envelopes

1. Choose your envelope.
2. Carefully tear apart the envelope.
3. Choose a light-colored marker for tracing.
4. Trace the outline of the envelope on the inside of magazine paper.
5. Cut the outline out with a pair of scissors.
6. Fold the smaller sides of the envelope inward.
7. Choose your wash tape.
8. Cut out two, same-length pieces of washi tape to fit the smaller sides of your envelope.
9. Be sure to wrap the washi tape around the front and back side.
10. Fold the last two parts of the envelope (top and bottom) inward.
11. Apply glue to only the side edges of the bottom fold.
12. Fold to enclose envelope slot, and voila! You’re done.

Photo 1

Photo 2

I kind of went envelope-making-crazy after creating the first envelope pictured in the step-by-step instructions. Can you guess from the picture below which one I plan on using for my snail mail reply to Kate?!

Recycled Magazine Envelopes | Our Sweet Somewhere




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