Mixtape: Highschool Throwback

We are so excited to be introducing a new music “mixtape” series!! What better way to kick it off than with some sweet, sweet high school throwbacks! Jamie and I compiled this mixtape for you after one of our Birchbox skype dates. I was literally crying from laughter by the end it. We truly hope this mixtape will bring as much joy into your life as it does our. 

Listening to this, I am immediately thrown back into a different time. Driving around aimlessly in Jamie’s car attempting to harmonize along with the radio. I think of pep rallies, school dances, friends, and our high school crushes.

What are some songs that instantly bring back some of your high school memories the second they come on? 

xoxo, J&K

PS. Here is a little taste of our post Birchbox date and making this mixtape. You can tell we are having way too much fun! Don’t be mad I took these screen shots Jamie, they are so funny I just couldn’t help myself! I just had to share the joy with everyone! 

Highschool Throwback FaceTime

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