Double the Instafun!

Our lives were paralleled last week as Jamie was invited to explore the U.S. Capitol with several other D.C. grammers, and I ventured out to meet some locals in Anchorage, Alaska. We both went on instameets that took place only one day a part from each other but on opposite ends of the country! Even with the distance, we still kept each other posted throughout the day by sending snapshots and text messages of what we were up to! We decided to share of few of those snapshots below:

Jamie’s Meet-Up | #capitolmorning

#capitolmorning | Our Sweet Somewhere

#capitolmorning | Our Sweet Somewhere

[ Pictured above: @justin11511 + @phil.martin ]

Kate’s Meet-Up | #walkalaska

#walkalaska | Our Sweet Somewhere

#walkalaska | Our Sweet Somewhere

alaska ig meetup

[ Pictured above: @theyoungkiimosabe, @mikeyhuff, @williedalton, @patrickroman, @jayguzman, @jovell ]

Be sure to check out more photos posted from both of these instameets by searching for the hashtags #capitolmorning and #walkalaska. If you ever get the chance to attend one near you, you’re in for treat! Not only will you have the opportunity to fill up your camera roll, but you’ll also meet some pretty amazing people. This really is a perfect example of why Instagram is such a wonderful community!



P.S. If you are interested in going to an Instagram meet up soon, there is one coming up on October 5th! Where? All over the WORLD! Be sure to check out the hashtag #WWIM10 to find one near you!

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