Hiatus Post

We’ll be honest, and we know most of you can agree with this feeling, but life just got in the way this past year for the both of us. We’ve neglected this blog more and more. Good intentions kept us saying things like, “we should blog about that!” but it never happened. Over and over. Something had to change.

This month we got together (over FaceTime) and had a heart to heart; we have not taken our blog seriously since for way too long. We asked ourselves “why?” when it used to be such a source of inspiration and a creative outlet. Talking things over, we realized that we have grown but the blog hadn’t grown with us. Time has gotten away, as it always seems to, and the time for dreaming up new recipes and DIY-ing is few and far between.

So it’s time. Time for an overhaul, revamp, rebirth…whatever you want to call it.

We’ve decided to refocus our goals for this blog. After some brainstorming we came up with a list of where we hope to see OSS go in the future. The list included more photography, more collaborations, and reaching out to readers.

The overarching goal is to still have a place to showcase creativity and experiment artistically, but content is going to evolve, as we have in the past two years. It’s not to say you may not see the occasional mixtape or snail mail post, but we are really hoping to get more focused on what we love and what drives our artistic passions.

Be patient. We hope to not only grow and change content, but to make adjustments to the OSS layout.

This is really exciting for both of us, and we are feeling inspired by this change. Tell us what you think. Have you ever found your blog standing still as you grew as a blogger? How did you handle the change?


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