What She Made: DIY Washi Tape Wine Charms!

All those in favor of confessing that they’re guilty of hoarding washi tape, say aye. 

“Aye!” Indeed, it’s a true statement.  

Washi tape is one of those products that’s just simply amazing. It’s so amazing that you end up realizing at some point about the ridiculous amount of washi tape you’ve collected in your desk drawer; and unfortunately that looks like the case for me (Jamie). But thanks to wine, and my blog BFF Kate, we were able to put good use to this tape! While a few of our friends were on their way over to hang out and play a game of cards, we decided to make some quick DIY wine charms for everyone. 

How to make washi tape wine charms by Our Sweet Somewhere

So many to choose from!

To create these simple wine markers, all you’ll need are an assortment of washi tape, a pair of scissors, thick-tipped permanent markers, and of course, your wine glasses!

Washi Tape Wine Charms l Our Sweet Somewhere

DIY WashiTape Wine Charms l Our Sweet Somewhere

DIY Washi Tape Wine Charms | Our Sweet Somewhere

DIY Washi Tape Wine Charms | Our Sweet Somewhere

This project turned out great, especially since it took us only a few minutes to make and added some pretty patterns and colors to the party! Now, shall we make a toast to washi tape? We think so.





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