What She Wore: Almost Spring!

What Kate Wore:

I can smell it in the air! Spring is on its way and I cannot wait for it much longer. With the first nice day in months, my husband and I dropped our stuff off as soon as we got home from work and went on a long walk around our neighborhood. 

Jewel Tones for Spring l Our Sweet Somewhere-3

Kate’s wearing: Boots/thrifted; pants/H&M; Coat/Jam Pixie; Scarf/Cejon ; Bag/Falchi

I have started to pull out my brighter, more spring like clothes and this season is going to be all about the jewel tones for me. 

Jewel Tones for Spring l Our Sweet Somewhere

Jewel Tones for Spring l Our Sweet Somewhere-2

Jewel Tones for Spring l Our Sweet Somewhere-4

What Jamie Wore:

One thing I love about the location of where my boyfriend and I live are the many trails that surround our apartment complex. Although the walk is beautiful during all four seasons, it just never quite seems as fun or appealing in the winter months; and especially this year! So when the weather recently decided to send some much-needed sunshine our way, I took the opportunity to explore more of the bare forests nearby. This sweater-blouse-boot-leggings combo that I wore had just the right amount of light layers to help keep me both cool and warm throughout the entire afternoon. 

What She Wore | Our Sweet Somewhere

jamie’s wearing: boots: windsor / leggings: target / blouse: target / bag: gifted

What She Wore | Our Sweet Somewhere 

What She Wore | Our Sweet Somewhere

“Oh look! Deer!” Those were the exact words I muttered when my boyfriend took this picture of me since there literally were about 10 of those woodland creatures wandering through the woods, only 20 feet away from us!



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