What She Cooked: Spicy Dragon Noodles

This post is quite special. Not only was this dish absolutely delicious, but it was also made by the both of us…TOGETHER! Oh yes indeed. Kate and her hubby took a last-minute weekend trip from their home in Ohio to visit my boyfriend and I here in Virginia, and although we weren’t able to finish all that we had hoped for, we still enjoyed every minute of our mini-reunion!

Spicy Dragon Noodles l Our Sweet Somewhere

Say hello to Dragon Noodles, a super tasty spicy noodle dish that we cooked together this past weekend, thanks to the ever-most-wonderful Budget Bytes! While you are over there, please do check out some of her other amazing recipes; everything we’ve tried by her has always turned out great! 

Visit to VA

Dragon Noodles adapted from Budget Bytes | Our Sweet Somewhere

Wine Time

Also, we may or may not have finished this box of wine over the course of the weekend…oh and be on the lookout for a future post on what we did with the leftover green onions! 

xoxo J&K

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