What Kate Cooked: Dessert

Jenis inspired toppings l Our Sweet Somewhere
What Kate Cooked:

If you have been, or are planning a trip to Columbus any time soon, I do hope I can persuade you to visit the North Market. This indoor market is in a beautiful, historic warehouse and houses over 30 booths and is home to local restaurant, grocery, and specialty shops. I am obsessed with Lan Viet’s Vietnamese soup and the Pure Imagination Chocolatier. Another Columbus classic is Jeni’s Splendid Ice Cream. Basically, it is very easy to walk out of the North Market ten pounds heavier and your wallet much lighter!

North Market Cookbook

When I came across this gem in my local library I had to check it out and try some recipes. Of course, the first thing my eye (and stomach) was attracted to was the dessert section, specifically Jeni’s recipe! 

Jenis inspired brandy black cherries l Our Sweet Somewhere

Brandied Cherries 

1 pound frozen black cherries
1/4 cup brandy (I used blackberry brandy!)
1/4 cup sugar

Combine all ingredients in a saucepan and bring to a boil. Boil for five minutes. Let cool before covering and refrigerating. This will stay good for up to a week!

The book suggests to do this the day before, but I couldn’t help myself and tried it the same day. It was still delicious. Also, Anthony had some this morning in vanilla Greek yogurt and said it was delicious for breakfast too! 

Jenis inspired brandied cherries l Our Sweet Somewhere

Jenis inspired sweet wine icecream sauce l Our Sweet Somewhere-4

Honey and Vin Santo Sauce (in my case Honey and Sherry Sauce)

1/4 cup Sherry
2 tablespoons honey

Combine in a sauce pan and stir over medium heat until dissolved. 

I went to three different grocery stores looking for some Vin Santo but couldn’t find any so I used sherry instead. It turned out fantastic! I think it was my favorite of the three toppings I made. Plus, I feel like so many sauces call for “a splash of sherry” and I never have any, now I will be able to use the rest of the sherry in other recipes and not have to omit it!

Jenis inspired icecream toppings l Our Sweet Somewhere

Honeyed Whipped Cream

2 teaspoons honey
1 cup heavy cream

Pour honey and just a splash of cream into a mixing bowl. Mix until honey is combined with cream. Add the rest of the cream and whip until soft peaks form. 

Get ready to lick the bowl, spoon, and whisk. This honeyed whip cream is fantastic! If you live in Columbus, or where Jeni’s is sold in a grocery store, the book suggests serving this over the Salty Caramel ice cream, but I also (yes, also) had this with a bowl of French vanilla and it was super yummy. Really, you could eat these toppings over any ice cream or frozen yogurt and be happy.


Jenis icream inspired toppings l Our Sweet Somewhere




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