Finding Pinspiration

Kate’s Inspirations: 

The weather is Ohio is a big tease. This weekend the temperature got up to almost 60 degrees! I considered going out in a t-shirt and skirt without tights, but then thought better. I still left the house in only a light sweater. We are back down into the 20’s now and I am bitter, cold, and seriously day dreaming about summertime. 

  Outdoor kitchen windown l babble via HouseBeautiful

    Outdoor Kitchen l Babble

I would like to introduce you to my future back yard. This home is, of course, located in a temperate climate like San Diego (without the cost of living). My kitchen windows open up to a patio/bar. You are all invited over for drinks. Watch the mail for an invitation. 

Synchronized Swimmers Print l Rible Paper Co

This Invitation l Rifle Paper Co.

Expect at my party for me to be wearing one of these cool, bright, and flowing summer dresses. Complements will not be necessary, but encouraged. 

Summer dresses inspiration l our sweet somewhere

Floral Texture Flippy Dress l Top Shop
Gathering Flowers l Shop Ruche
Stripe Sun Dress l Marc Jacobs 

I will also be serving in season fruit fresh from the farmers market. In the form as such below.

Summer dessert inspiration l our sweet somewhere

Basil-Peach Topping l Pioneer Woman Cooks
Blueberry-Ricotta Tart l Martha Stewart 

Hurry up summer! I want all of these beautiful and yummy things! 


Jamie’s Inspirations:

Typography is a skill that I’ve had a desire to learn more about recently, and while I have somewhat of a basic understanding for it, I want to play with some new techniques that don’t require just a pen and piece of paper. These finds on Pinterest caught my eyes instantly and have me in absolute awe with the amount of talent the artists have!

Finding Pinspiration Typography | Our Sweet Somewhere

& – Keziah Chong
Coffee & Donuts – Steph Baxter

Finding Pinspiration Typography | Our Sweet Somewhere

Thrive in Truth – Todd Wendorff
Not All Those Who Wander – Zachary Smith
Ralph Waldo Emerson – ohmydeer

So many ideas have been a-brewing in my head, especially with spring just around the corner! Can’t wait to experiment with bright florals so that I can clear my head from this winter blues!




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