Giving Old Clothes New Life: Wear an old dress as a new shirt!

So I have a dress that has sentimental value. I bought it years ago as a “going out” dress and wore it to so many fun parties in so many different cities around the world. It is now a lot older and has seen some better days. Don’t get me wrong, if the right occasion calls, I pull it out of the closet for another go-round. But that is happening less and less. Especially now since I am not in college any more and my “going out” nights consist more and more of a of splitting a few appetizers with friends, having a few glasses of wine or a few beers, then calling it a night. 
But instead of putting my dress away for good I decided to make it more work appropriate and turn it into a shirt! 

Here is my dress before:

The good old days l OSS
(My college days and this dress. Left/Lady Gaga party; right/trying to be cool)

Here is the dress transformed into my work outfit I wore today!

Dresses as Skirts l Our Sweet Somewhere

The key is in high-waisted skirts that create an A-line. Not only do they create a flattering shape on pretty much anyone, but also they create the illusion that your dress is really a shirt. I have a few high-waisted skirts that I wear different with dresses. 

Wear more dresses as shirts l Our Sweet Somewhere.jpg
Skirt/Derek Heart

I’ve done this for years and often get complements on my outfit. Sometimes, the dress and skirt pair so well together people ask where I got my dress! They are surprised to hear that it is not a dress, rather two separate pieces. 

Here is another example of a dress as a shirt. 

Wearing your dress as a shirt gives it new life l OSS.jpg

Wear your dresses as Shirts l Our Sweet Somewhere

What do you think? Do you ever wear a dress as a shirt or another piece of clothing in a new and new way? Let’s inspire each other!




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