Snail Mail


Kate sent some sweet, snail mail lovin’ back to me just a few weeks ago and surprised me with an envelope of delightful goodies! Also, just look at how cute her packaging was! I cracked up after seeing this darling little snail that she drew to mimic the sticker I had included on the envelope I sent her last month!


After opening the package, I discovered a postcard and some beautiful handmade (and recycled!) notebooks that she made for me by using old cereal boxes; oh this girl. They are the perfect size for traveling and I can’t wait to use them this summer to document my adventures!

Snail Mail 1


Just wait Kate; you have a few surprises coming back your way and I cannot wait for you to receive them!



P.S. Can I just be all gushy really quick and share with you how sweet this friend of mine is. My birthday was yesterday (May 8th), and although I had to work, I had the best day ever! Thanks to Kate, she made my day even more special by surprising me with a phone call with all of her little preschoolers in the background singing happy birthday to me! It truly touched my heart and I just thought the world show know that. End of gushy moment.

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