Spring Kale Salad (Time Lapse)

spring kale salad by our sweet somewhere

Spring is here (singing in my best Julie Andrews impression)!

What better way to kick-start this wonderful season than with a kale salad movie?!

Now, raw kale is a new [re]discovery of mine. I used to try to always eat it raw, but found that it and my belly were never good friends. But it wasn’t until very recently that I learned that you should always massage kale in order to eat it raw and for the best possible outcome. Yep, you read that right…MASSAGE!

Cray, huh? You will see in the video below what I mean exactly, but to read about how this process breaks down the indigestible fibers, check out this Huff Post article.

Add whatever you have in your fridge, just know that the bed on which it is going on is the real star in this show!

Let us know what you think of this video and if you want to see more like it. Please keep in mind though that this was our first attempt at creating a time lapse video, so it can only go up from here! :)



P.S. There will be a post on the amazing homemade dressing shown in the video..soon. Promise!

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