Roma, Italia- Una Bella Città (Rome, Italy- A Beautiful City)

Big time news and a big time adventure. The ‘somewhere’ in Our Sweet Somewhere is about to change from Columbus, Ohio to The Eternal City!

This big (and once thought as a farfetched) idea started back in October when I (Kate) came across a program at the American University of Rome in Food Studies. After talking it over with Anthony I decided to apply assuming I may not even hear back, let alone ever be considered. Then, in February, I received an email that I was selected to be interviewed. I was ecstatic. I spoke on the phone with the director of Graduate Studies and two weeks later I got an email congratulating me on my acceptance. Can you believe it?! I am moving to Rome! (dies from excitement)
If you have seen any other posts about our adventures, you know it is what we live for and a huge part of what this blog is all about. This, by far, is about to be our biggest adventure yet.

I don’t want to downplay this though.  We are going to have to hurdle over some massive road blocks and maneuver through some big time challenges. Relocating to Italy with only slightly over four months to plan for it is nothing short of insane and the six-mile long to-do list to prepare is growing by the minute. (Really, only a slight exaggeration in that last sentence.) Also, my loving and amazing husband is leaving a safe and secure job to embark on this wild ride with me…jobless. Have I mentioned how much I love this man? Well, I do.

But, aside from the mounds of visa and citizenship paperwork that has consumed our dining room table and the mental battle I have already started on what shoes are really necessary to bring along, I wouldn’t do this any other way. We are crazy in the eyes of some to leave, but we are crazier in our own eyes to say no.

And now, some beautiful pictures taken by my amazing sister-in-law (the pretty one smiling in front of the Florence countryside) on her last visit to Italy. Someday I will have my own to share, but until I do you will just have to drool over third party photos with me.

italy 2 Moving to Italy Gia in Florence Florence Capri alvito


3 thoughts on “Roma, Italia- Una Bella Città (Rome, Italy- A Beautiful City)

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