Capri on a Budget

Capri I love you - OSS

Capri, the island once home to Emperor Caesar Augustus’ summer home now inhabited by socialites in villas. It really is a special place with colors so vibrant it almost doesn’t seem real.

We visited Capri in early March, before the summer rush of tourists coming to get a glimpse of the famous Faraglioni peaks. Visiting Capri before the hoards of tourists means no lines to get onto the chairlift up to Mount Solaro and plenty of time to shoot the Mediterranean breeze with the locals.

Capri in the Spring - OSS

Here are five tips to make your vacation to the Isle of Capri even easier. (And on a budget.)

  1. The prices of the ferries from Naples and Salerno are the same.If coming in on a train from Rome check to see if train tickets are cheaper into Naples or Salerno. Factoring in the ferry and train, the time difference is not that big. Choose the cheaper train and save some money.
  1. Avoid the shoreline when you dock.The shops along the Marino Grande may look appealing with their brightly colored painted pots and limoncello slushy machines but trust me, they are out to make a buck. Head upland a little bit to find (relatively) cheaper prices.
  1. Skip the cab and take the bus.Honestly, this will be the most thrilling and terrifying thing you have ever done in your life. When two buses pass each other you are sure there is no way one won’t end up smeared on the side of the wall but theses drivers are pros. The cost is only 1.50 a ride and worth every penny.
  1. Buy your limoncello at the grocery store.Avoid the boot shaped bottles and step into a grocery story for a bottle of the famous liquor at a fraction the price. While you’re there see if the deli counter has a panino that you can take down to the beach to avoid the high prices near the water.
  1. Visit off season.While we weren’t able to go swimming on our trip to Capri we did get our Air BnB at a reasonable price. We didn’t have to weave our way through the selfie taking tourists or wait in line to get on the chair lift. It was possible to actually sit and have a chat with the locals over coffee. Really, all the benefits to visiting Capri off season really outweigh the inability to swim this trip.


Capri looks like a movie set and makes you feel like a movie star. It really is a must see place if you are headed to the south of Italy.




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