Summer in New York City

From hot dogs, parks, and ice cream to beaches, bubbles, and sunsets; New York City in the summer time is no doubt one of the most entertaining places to be. Even if you don’t live here and are only visiting for some time, you can bet that there’s always something to look forward to at any point during the week (rain or shine)! To keep up-to-date on current events going on, I always make sure to pick up the latest issue of  New York’s TimeOut weekly magazine (you must definitely give it a look too if you haven’t yet).

Since moving here over a year ago, this was the first summer that Scott and I were able to enjoy in the city from start to finish, and I must say that it was jam-packed with mostly outdoor activities…so much that I forgot to apply sunscreen one day and got a terrible sunburn! But I’ll save that story for another day. Instead, I’m just going to share with you a round-up of some of our favorite places, eats, and things to see from this past summer.

  • Views of Coney Island Beach on a hot summer day
  • Nathan’s Famous Hot Dogs and eating contest
  • Frozen yogurt from Culture (aka: my most favorite place to grab some)

Now that it’s the first day of fall (woohoo!), I can only imagine and cannot wait to see what this next season in the city will bring. What are you looking forward to most about this fall?





It’s funny to think that I’ve snapped and documented this many pictures of my feet to date, but I love being able to look back at these yearly reviews. It’s so much fun to see where life brings you in a year’s time! This is my fourth round of this mini-project I’ve created where I concoct a little grid from some of my Instagram photos (and with the PicFrame + Over apps) of the various places I’ve stood throughout the year.

#fromwhereistoodinayear | 2014

2014 #fromwhereistoodinayear

#fromwhereistoodinayear | 2013

2013 #fromwhereistoodinayear

#fromwhereistoodinayear | 2012

#2012 fromwhereistoodinayear

#fromwhereistoodinayear | 2011

2011 #fromwhereistoodinayear

If you take as many #fromwhereistand photos like myself, I encourage you to please join in on this monthly review and tag your final product with #fromwhereistoodinayear! I would love to see a glimpse of your year in review and the places you’ve stood in!




Oh em gee. Is it winter already?

Uhmm, autumn, why did you have to leave so soon?!

So, perhaps we didn’t get to completing all of the things we listed on our fall #30photosaseason list. We guess this just means that we’ll have to add more things to our bucket list for next year! Here are a few of our favorite photos that we took this past season: @jmeelin + @gokatego

Some of our Instagram friends joined in on the fun as well! Here is a look into what they captured this fall. Please be sure to say hello and visit each of their beautiful feeds on Instagram too!IGers Fall #30photosaseasonNext year the pumpkin patch IS happening! Like, for real. Until then, we’re on to a new season…and TA-DA! Here is our Winter 2014 #30photosaseason list! Feel free to join in and tag your photos so we can keep up with your amazing seasonal adventures. Remember that there is no order or set of rules to this fun little project, except to just enjoy each season to the fullest and document it through Instagram by using our hashtag (#30photosaseason)!

#30photosaseason: Winter Edition

What do you plan on doing first?



Our Weekend in Morgantown, WV

While our #adventuresomewhere getaway trip to Morgantown, WV was revitalizing and full of so much joy, it did not last long enough because we are still reminiscing to this day about every little detail! While we were there we met some pretty amazing people, enjoyed some delicious food and beer, and fell in love with the beautiful views that the West Virginian mountains had to offer.

Bubba's Garage Daily Grind Coffee Shop, WV Morgantown, WV

We mentioned previously that we would be staying in downtown Morgantown by using AirBnB, and let us be the first to tell you that this type of experience is totally worth your while! We had the luxury of a private suite which include a kitchenette, bedroom, sitting room, and bathroom. The location was perfect too; located on top of a hill overlooking Morgantown and only a 5 minute drive to the center of town. The price was right, and our hosts were so kind…they literally thought of everything (thanks for the coffee guys)! If you are ever in Morgantown, seriously do yourself a favor and check this place out for your stay.

AirBnB AirBnBAirBnB

Staying so close to the heart of the town gave us the opportunity to explore all of the little shops and restaurants that we had planned on visiting…and yes, we went to every single one! We also were able to enjoy a free tour around WVU’s campus by using their adorable transit system, but we won’t mention how we acted like giddy little kids during the entire ride…

WVU Transit WVU Transit WVU TransitWVU Transit

Not only did we get to experience a new city together on this weekend getaway, but we also had the chance to catch up as besties; something, it seems as though we never have enough time to do. After having an amazing experience here on our first #adventuresomewhere meet-up, we are so ready and (im)patiently waiting for the next one to happen again soon. There are plenty of cities located in-between us that are just waiting to be explored; and the city that we have in mind for our next getaway is one that we cannot wait to share more details on!

Our Sweet Somewhere #adventuresomewhere #adventuresomewhere Morgantown, WV #adventuresomewhere Morgantown, WV

You can see more snapshots from our Morgantown trip through OSS’s Instagram and our personal accounts as well: @gokatego + @jmeelin.