Allora, Andiamo

I am so excited to share this with you guys! My husband, Anthony, and I are starting a new vlog series about the different adventures we take and things we learn while we are living abroad. We’ve decided to call it “Allora, Andiamo” which is Italian for “then, we go”. Although we have only been abroad for a few weeks we have heard this phrase about a thousand times and thought it was fitting for our new vlog series.
The first video we have posted is our trip west to Wyoming and the Badlands. We took this trip soon after we minimized our belongings and packed up the rest to store at my Mom’s house in Wyoming while we got ready to move to Italy. Our trip was two weeks long and we saw some amazing things. I must admit that the Badlands is one of my favorite places in the world, it is eerily quiet and the vast views are so awe inspiring. It was great to see some of my family and have some downtime before our big move. We are so excited to be starting this new vlog series so we can look back on our travels for years to come (not to mention share them with all of you)! Hopefully you enjoy watching our first allora, andiamo video as much as we enjoyed making it!

How crazy is it that both Jamie and I both moved in the same month?! Our Sweet Somewhere is really taking on a new meaning this year, that’s for sure.


Adventures in Columbus

Last weekend was an absolute blast; my boyfriend Scott and I traveled to the wonderful city of Columbus to visit our dear friends, Kate and her hubby Anthony during the holiday weekend for a much-needed reunion. And although it did not last as long as we’d hoped for (when does it ever?), we enjoyed every second of it.

Mind you, my boyfriend is from Michigan and he has only thought of Ohio as a next-door-neighbor state with not much more to do, especially since it’s missing our favorite Great Lake (Michigan). But I can assure you that his thoughts have changed for the better after this visit, thanks to Kate and Anthony! They took us everywhere. By bike, car, and foot…and yet I feel like there is still so much more to see!

Let me save you from some more of my blabbing and just start sharing with you some Instagram snapshots from our mini four-day adventure!

Columbus Adventures | Our Sweet Somewhere

See you again soon, Columbus! 

xoxo, Jamie

Mixtape: Road Trip to Ohio

Road Trip Mixtape

The time is finally here! After months and months of talking about it and weeks and weeks of counting down the days in my planner, my dearest Jamie and her lovely Scott will be in the same state as me this weekend! In anticipation of their trip, I have planned a little road trip mixtape to listen to on their drive to the Midwest.

Hurry up, Friday and get here already!

xoxo, Kate