Adventures in Columbus

Last weekend was an absolute blast; my boyfriend Scott and I traveled to the wonderful city of Columbus to visit our dear friends, Kate and her hubby Anthony during the holiday weekend for a much-needed reunion. And although it did not last as long as we’d hoped for (when does it ever?), we enjoyed every second of it.

Mind you, my boyfriend is from Michigan and he has only thought of Ohio as a next-door-neighbor state with not much more to do, especially since it’s missing our favorite Great Lake (Michigan). But I can assure you that his thoughts have changed for the better after this visit, thanks to Kate and Anthony! They took us everywhere. By bike, car, and foot…and yet I feel like there is still so much more to see!

Let me save you from some more of my blabbing and just start sharing with you some Instagram snapshots from our mini four-day adventure!

Columbus Adventures | Our Sweet Somewhere

See you again soon, Columbus! 

xoxo, Jamie

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