What She Wore

What Kate Wore:

What She Wore

Okay, there must be a common theme in my wardrobe. I picked up super cute airplane sweater from my local thrift store! (Also my favorite place to shop!) I saw it and immediately thought of the preschoolers at my work and how much they would get a kick out of it. I mixed prints with a Target skirt I bought last year.

Mix and match prints l Our Sweet Somewhere-3

I’m a huge fan of mixing prints. At first, I was intimated, but it’s really not as hard as it seems. I just make sure my prints are similar size and I stay neutral (as in my brown Bass boots and fleece tights) with the rest of my outfit.

For my hair I just put it in a pony, braided it, wrapped it in a bun, and secured it with pins. Easy as pie!

Mmm, warm blueberry pie..

Mix and match prints l Our Sweet Somewhere




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