What She Cooked: {Dirty} Blackberry-Mint Lemonade

Get ready for happiness on your taste buds! In honor of spring and being reunited, we came up with this refreshing and light spring cocktail that we’d like to share with you! We thoroughly enjoyed this drink while sitting with our men out on the front porch and catching up during our first night in town.

Dirty Blackberry-Mint Lemonade

This recipe makes two drinks.

What you need:
1 cup lemonade
20 mint leaves, plus some for garnish
2 shots of white rum
2 shots of blackberry brandy
Cocktail Shaker

Take the 20 mint leaves off the stem and muddle them. Don’t worry if you don’t have a mortar and pestle set (what a strange name), we didn’t either. We just used the back of a spoon and a cutting board. Muddle lightly since you don’t want to overwork your mint!

Add ice to your cocktail shaker plus the four shots, muddled mint, and lemonade. Shake until combined. Pour drink into two small tumblers filled with ice and garnish with extra mint leaves and fresh-cut lemons if you’d like.

Dirty Blackberry-Mint LemonadeDirty Blackberry-Mint Lemonade

Dirty Blackberry-Mint Lemonade

After the first sip Jamie told me “We better watch out, these could be dangerous! They don’t even taste like alcohol!” She was right…we definitely had to pace ourselves throughout dinner because they were almost too yummy not to gulp down!

Dirty Blackberry-Mint Lemonade



Jamie & Kate

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