What She Wore: Almost Spring!

What Kate Wore:

I can smell it in the air! Spring is on its way and I cannot wait for it much longer. With the first nice day in months, my husband and I dropped our stuff off as soon as we got home from work and went on a long walk around our neighborhood. 

Jewel Tones for Spring l Our Sweet Somewhere-3

Kate’s wearing: Boots/thrifted; pants/H&M; Coat/Jam Pixie; Scarf/Cejon ; Bag/Falchi

I have started to pull out my brighter, more spring like clothes and this season is going to be all about the jewel tones for me. 

Jewel Tones for Spring l Our Sweet Somewhere

Jewel Tones for Spring l Our Sweet Somewhere-2

Jewel Tones for Spring l Our Sweet Somewhere-4

What Jamie Wore:

One thing I love about the location of where my boyfriend and I live are the many trails that surround our apartment complex. Although the walk is beautiful during all four seasons, it just never quite seems as fun or appealing in the winter months; and especially this year! So when the weather recently decided to send some much-needed sunshine our way, I took the opportunity to explore more of the bare forests nearby. This sweater-blouse-boot-leggings combo that I wore had just the right amount of light layers to help keep me both cool and warm throughout the entire afternoon. 

What She Wore | Our Sweet Somewhere

jamie’s wearing: boots: windsor / leggings: target / blouse: target / bag: gifted

What She Wore | Our Sweet Somewhere 

What She Wore | Our Sweet Somewhere

“Oh look! Deer!” Those were the exact words I muttered when my boyfriend took this picture of me since there literally were about 10 of those woodland creatures wandering through the woods, only 20 feet away from us!



What She Wore

What Kate Wore:

What She Wore

Okay, there must be a common theme in my wardrobe. I picked up super cute airplane sweater from my local thrift store! (Also my favorite place to shop!) I saw it and immediately thought of the preschoolers at my work and how much they would get a kick out of it. I mixed prints with a Target skirt I bought last year.

Mix and match prints l Our Sweet Somewhere-3

I’m a huge fan of mixing prints. At first, I was intimated, but it’s really not as hard as it seems. I just make sure my prints are similar size and I stay neutral (as in my brown Bass boots and fleece tights) with the rest of my outfit.

For my hair I just put it in a pony, braided it, wrapped it in a bun, and secured it with pins. Easy as pie!

Mmm, warm blueberry pie..

Mix and match prints l Our Sweet Somewhere




What She Wore

What Kate Wore:

Snow day yesterday! Woop! That means I stayed in my pink fuzzy robe all day and there is reason this post is a day late. Even today though, I decided to go for casual. 


Did somebody say cargo pants?! I got these at my trusty Goodwill store here in C-bus and I am obsessed. These are not your 8th grade Jnco hammer strap pants. Skinny with elastic running up the side to give it that casual, hip look. I paired it with a striped long sleeve  I got while abroad. Finally I threw on a dated, (but classic!) H&M scarf and some “work boots” aka Forever 21 Doc knockoffs :)
To be honest, I went so much for the casual look I may or may not have even brushed my hair today. Take that snow storm! 


P.S. sorry I was so late with this post, Jamie. The rebel-ness of my outfit took over and I had no choice! 

What Jamie Wore:

Currently I am vacationing in Boston with my boyfriend and his family and have been loving every second away from work! Each moment I get to sleep in without an alarm clock is cherished and to the absolute fullest! If you know me, you know that I am not a morning person.

Winter Weather Beanie

My outfit today consisted of wearing very plain and simple items. Considering the fact that another winter storm kept us indoors again, I really only focused on wearing clothes that would keep me warm and comfortable. For me, you can never go wrong with one of your favorite beanies (for that crazy bed head) and long cardigans. 

Cozy and Comfortable | Our Sweet Somewhere Blog

Pretty much every piece of clothing pictured here (including my shoes) is from Target, except for the beanie which is from Forever 21. The bracelet you can see pictured below was a gift from my boyfriend’s sister. It’s an Alex and Ani bracelet, and may I just say, I AM IN LOVE with this jewelry line. Not only do they make their merchandise from recycled metals, but the meanings they put behind each symbol are all so special.  

Alexi and Ani Bracelet | Our Sweet Somewhere Blog


Jamie & Kate

What She Wore

Jamie and I have decided it is tough to stay warm and look cute. Sometimes I try on three different variations of an outfit because the first two end up looking frumpy. They key to layering in the winter is to pair more fitted items with the warmer (less flattering) items.

What Kate Wore: 

So it is cold in the Midwest. I mean, frigid. Lucky for me I have some adorable sweaters and warm knit tights to keep me warm!


I am obsessed with these skinny tuxedo pants. I got them years ago from Anthropologie. They are so versatile and can go with sweaters, a blazer, or dress up a tee. Because they are skinny, I can wear a heavier sweater without feeling bulky from top to bottom.


Do you love my sweater? Thanks, my Mama made it for me! She is an expert knitter. I have tried to convince her to open an Etsy shop but she says she knits only for fun since she is retired. Luckily I am benefiting from her hobby! I just go onto sites like Ravelry and find a pattern I love, pick a color and she sends it to me when it’s finished! How awesome is that? My goal is to someday be able to knit half as well as her. Wish me luck because that is going to require years and years of practice.


I get more compliments on these shoes than about anything else I wear. It makes me so happy because I picked these up at a thrift store for only a dollar! They are so snazzy and make me want to tap dance every time I wear them.
The “dress socks” are actually a pair of knitted tights! I opted for these to help keep me warm. I love the way they just peak out from under my pants but secretly they cover me up completely to help keep my toasty! 


What Jamie Wore:

Like Kate mentioned earlier, it can be really challening during the winter months to dress up warm without looking too frumpy…especially with how cold it’s been lately! Because of that, I’ve found that my most comfiest days involve wearing thicker leggings and my favorite pair of riding boots! To dress these two up a bit, I threw on a simple blue dress that I purchased from the sales rack at Forever 21 this past summer, and a striped sweater I picked up from Marshall’s (that has the cutest brown elbow patches — unfortunately, not pictured). 

Blue Dress, Tights, and Stripes

Earrings F21

Blue Dress, Tights, and Stripes 2

These boots are my favorite pair, EVER. They are so comfy and wide enough to fit around my calves (even with a pair of jeans)! I’ll admit that they are a few years old, but thankfully they’ve kept up well in their condition! I found these bad boys while on a mini-vacation to Ann Arbor in a store that I would not normally shop at because of how it’s mainly known for selling prom-like dresses, ha! Thank you Windsor!

As much as warm scarves and cute boots can be fun, I think it is time to chill out dear Mother Nature and give us some tempratures that are not in the negatives! Thanks!

xoxo J&K