Procida, Italy – 3 tips for your stay

Procida is a tiny island off the Naples bay, formed from an ancient (and now dormant) volcano. When the island was formed, little coves were created that make great beaches. We did a quick 48-hour trip there from Rome over the weekend and I think I fell in love. Procida is a lot like Capri but without the tourists or the tourist prices.

Our Air B&B host was amazing and gave us tons of advice for our stay. I thought I would share my 3 favorite tips on experiencing Procida like a local.

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Corricella – Procida, Italy


Check out the Chiaia beach.

This was the preferred beach for our b&b host and other locals on the island. While the Ciracciello beach is longer, it tends to be more crowded and “touristy”. Chiaia beach gives you the perfect look onto Corricella and lacks the shoulder-to-shoulder crowds other beaches on Procida tend to have.

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Chiaia Beach, Procida

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Chiaia Beach from above

Book a boat ride to the La Conchiglia restaurant.  

If you are not planning any other boat trips while visiting Procida, at least make a reservation to eat at La Conchiglia. When calling the restaurant, tell them you would like to be picked up at the Corricella Marina and give them the time, about 20 minutes before your table reservation. On Saturday, after spending a day at the beach we had an aperitif in Corricella and then caught a boat ride to the restaurant. This is a free service, and will make your dinner more memorable.

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Boat ride service to the La Conchiglia restaurant

Take a kayak tour.

I guess when you live on an island that is less than 2 square miles in size you have a connection with pretty much everyone. Our b&b host’s boyfriend’s friend (or something like that) runs the A.S.D. Kayak company on Procida. We spent 4 hours Sunday morning kayaking around the island, all for only 30 Euro a person. The adventure included ducking into caves and having a snack of homemade cakes and fruit on the beach. Really, this is such a great way to see Procida and totally worth the money.


Kayaking around Procida (photo from ASD Kayak FB page)


Procida is a great mini vacation if you are looking to experience the beauty of the Mediterranean. While the Amalfi coast and Capri are both iconic and breathtaking, they are more pricy and cater to tourists. Procida is just as stunning but more off the beaten path and lets you experience part of the Italian culture.

Let me know if you know any other tips or things you did if you have been to Procida.



Capri on a Budget

Capri I love you - OSS

Capri, the island once home to Emperor Caesar Augustus’ summer home now inhabited by socialites in villas. It really is a special place with colors so vibrant it almost doesn’t seem real.

We visited Capri in early March, before the summer rush of tourists coming to get a glimpse of the famous Faraglioni peaks. Visiting Capri before the hoards of tourists means no lines to get onto the chairlift up to Mount Solaro and plenty of time to shoot the Mediterranean breeze with the locals. Continue reading

Rocksbox Review


For the love of accessories and for only $19 a month, Rocksbox is the newest subscription box that provides you with an unlimited jewelry rental service from top designer brands! Yup, you heard me right…I said unlimited. I thought it was too good to be true too, but the ladies at Rocksbox know what’s up!

When signing up with Rocksbox, you take an online style survey so that their team of stylists can choose the best pieces of jewelry for you from the very beginning. Each box that is sent to you comes with three pieces that are yours to wear for as long and as much as you’de like, and when you’re ready for a fresh new set of jewels to come your way, you simply return the current set by using the original packaging and prepaid return label.


So far this is my first box that I’ve received from Rocksbox and I absolutely love the thought and details that were put into the design and packaging. When it comes down to the jewelry that was sent this time around, I really only loved and wore the Lauren Hope Starburst Studs (pictured below). However, there are a few things I’de like to further share of why I think this subscription is still worth it:

1. Feedback – Rocksbox provides (and highly recommends) you with the opportunity to give feedback on the pieces your stylist sends you. By doing so, this will help them understand more of what you like and don’t like when choosing the next set. Even though I wasn’t 100% in love with each piece that was sent in this box, I am still excited for what’s to come now that I’ve given my stylist some feedback on how I felt and what I prefer.

2. $10 Credit – Rocksbox also gives you $10 to spend each month on any designer brand item that you fall in love with and want to keep forever!

3. Wish List – If you see something on their website that you like and could see yourself wearing, give it a little star and your stylist will work to grant your wish in your next set! You know how I absolutely loved the Starburst Studs that were included in this first set? Well now you know why!

4. Free Prepaid Shipping – Like I mentioned earlier in this post, Rocksbox provides free prepaid shipping BOTH ways! Everything you need for returning each set is included in the package you receive and only requires you to literally walk to the nearest mailbox. Really, it’s that simple!


Necklace: Gorjana Cameron Layer Necklace | Original Price: $85 | Insider’s Price: $57

Rings: Gorjana Bali Ring Set | Original Price: $85 | Insider’s Price: $68

Earrings: Loren Hope Starburst Studs in Gold | Original Price: $78 | Insider’s Price: $70

If you read this review and Rocksbox sounds like something you’de like to try out for yourself, then I would love for you to get your first month of unlimited jewelry for free! Simply use my code jmeelinxoxo at checkout when signing up this week (please note that you can cancel your subscription at anytime)!

If you have any further questions regarding Rocksbox, feel free to let me know in the comments below and if decide to give it a try, I’de love to hear your thoughts and experience about it too!





Visiting Switzerland

Switzerland is stunning. If you were to hold your hands out and make frame shape with your fingers and look anywhere, you’d have yourself a postcard perfect shot.
No exaggeration.


We took a short train ride from Rome, Italy to Brig, Switzerland for the new year. This three day trip was spur of the moment and since Anthony rarely gets three days off in a row we jumped at the chance to visit someplace new. These last-minute kinds of trips are my favorite though with no itinerary or schedule to follow. This meant some of the things we saw like the Aletsch Glacier, were a delightful surprise, but some things we ran into, like a 33 dollar burrito stopped us in our tracks!

I wanted to share some of my experiences so if you are planning a trip to Switzerland you will not be as sticker shocked as I was.

Staying in Brig

Brig is a sleepy little village and one of the first large train stops in Switzerland from Italy. It was a great home base for our day trips. A few miles up the road is the Brigerbad Thermal Spa. A pass was 24 Swiss Franks for a 3 hour visit. This, for us, was just enough time to get thoroughly relaxed but not too long that we got bored. Totally worth the visit if you are passing through the area. FYI: this spa does not provide towels and you must either rent one for 5 Swiss Franks at the front desk or bring your own (something we learned after taking a dip in the pool).

I totally recommend staying in Brig if you are in Switzerland for a short time. Between the trip up to see the glacier, visiting the castle in town, and hopping on a bus to see the nearby traditional village known for its saffron, it really is a great home base for day trips.

Swiss (29 of 30)

Brig’s Castle AKA the Stockalper Palace

A huge cost saver for us was that our hotel had breakfast included. Food is ridiculously expensive in Switzerland. I had no idea how anyone could afford to live here until I read this blog post which gave me a little better idea. While most of our budget went toward eating, having a breakfast included at the hotel and bringing snacks with us on our outings helped a little.

Visiting the Aletsch Glacier

This day trip from Brig is inexpensive and full of amazing views. From Brig, we hopped on the train headed to Morel. This trip was about 20 Swiss Franks a person and included one of the two gondola rides. This was definitely the biggest gondolas I have ever been on, but I wasn’t a bit nervous because the sweeping views were all I could think about.

We spent a little time in the resort area after the gondola ride taking pictures and people watching. From here we took the Gletscherbahn Moosfluh (gazoontite!) gondola to the glacier. This was less than 10 Swiss Franks a person, roundtrip. In total we were a little over 7,000 feet above sea level! As soon as you step off the gondola the glacier is right there. We just sat on the bench and looked at this wonderment hardly able to take it all in. After a little while the fog started to roll in and it began to snow so we stopped into the little cafe next to the lift to warm up. The girl working spoke a little English and told us on clearer days you can see the Matterhorn from where we were!

Switzerland is a beautiful country and the people are so kind. Definitely put it on your bucket list, and I recommend Brig as a great stopping point.